How to Build a Pitch Deck and open your B2B sales potential fast (Part 2 of a two-part series)

Please read How to Build a Pitch Part 1 of this series on before reading Part 2.

There we dealt with the crucial aspects of PD innovative content, the rules you should follow to meet customer expectations, and how one keeps an audience engaged. It was all about building trust and positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. We want the prospect to see us as a reliable all-in-one solution. Accordingly, we outlined that a PowerPoint slide presentation of around ten slides will get you the results you expect and meet customer expectations at the same time.

A quick recap

The opening and middle slides of your deck provided in Part one involved:

  1. Opening with a vision and mission statement
  2. Identifying your customers’ pain.
  3. Providing solutions to customer pain areas.
  4. Outlining your process of contracting with the client.

We now move on to show you how to round it off, using our real-life case study Acme Builders for demonstration.

After The Process Slide (see Part 1), you’re 90% into closing the deal

The hard yards are behind you. If your prospect looks energized at this point, much of the selling pressure is off. We frequently refer to the remaining slides as consolidation exposure, aimed at reinforcing everything already said.

The use of images and engaging text are all-important when connecting customers to the services that will fulfil your promises and guarantees. In many ways, these remaining slides say the same thing told up to now, but with different voices and from diverse angles. When done, you should have a powerful enterprise-grade promotional platform that will propel you forward.

Slides 6 and 7 – Your Products & Services

Our message here is that we are the best service and technology providers in the business, offering the best value money can buy. It’s the icing on the cake. The more you use the PD methodology, the more you’ll become convinced there isn’t a sale that can’t be closed.

In our Acme Builders case study

The services outlined below fall into two categories (two slides):

  1. Commercial
  2. Residential

You’ll remember that Acme posted numerous claims early in the presentation (Part one), all of which converged on customers’ pain areas identified at the outset. The services slides, through images and carefully constructed content, must reiterate those same undertakings in no uncertain terms. Indeed they must elaborate on them, bring them to life in a way. They do this, and more – see below:

how to build a pitch deck - slide 6

How to build a pitch deck to increase sales - slide 7

Whenever images are at the forefront of a PD slide

Design should be there too. All slides displayed above and below are genuinely 100% content with a “design feel”.

To polish the presentation, uplifting the colour and theme, we recommend contacting an expert designer. The latter can create a professional designer overview without losing any of the content and flow demonstrated in all slides. There’s a flourishing Pitch Deck designer industry in countries like Colombia, Ukraine, India, and Pakistan that offer exceptional value for your design-$, without compromising standards.

Please see below the difference a designer can make, on a PD for a market research client in the restaurant industry:

Bartley Partners | Adelaide Business Accountants
Before Design
Bartley Partners | Adelaide Business Accountants
After Design
Bartley Partners | Adelaide Business Accountants
Before Design
Bartley Partners | Adelaide Business Accountants
After Design


Back to the last phase of the Pitch Deck process

Slide 8 & 9 – Customer Reviews

This can get a little tricky because testimonials are sometimes long-winded. At the same time, the rule is to keep the presentation moving quickly. A sound tactic is to suggest that prospects read the reviews at their leisure, but in mid-PD presentation, take note of the critical constructs emerging from the customer feedback.

In the case of Acme, we had six testimonials on two slides, but 15 keyword items inserted in the content, which you can go through with the audience in seconds. Phrases like stress-free, reliable, flexible, grounded, and more (see below). They are emotive, complimentary, and skill-reflective at the same time.

Generally, two slides structured like this leave a massive impression.

reviews slide for a pitch deck

Other possible slides complementing the reviews

Not available in the case of Acme, but slides that create an impact, are those that:

  1. Show the logos of important tech partners pivotal to your business (for example – Microsoft, FedEx, various Saas Apps, charities, government associations, etc.)
  2. Awards and industry certificates that bolster your brand and credibility.

Generally, images are more than enough in these situations, with a little content to give customers a better perspective of what they count for.

Slide 10 – A message from the CEO and Founder

All the guidelines provided above apply here in spades. The idea is to give your proposal to customers a personal touch. With everything preceding this next to last slide, a compelling message that indicates you go the extra mile to create customer satisfaction gives your image a rocket-boost. Look at how Acme builders achieved this:

How to build a pitch deck - thank you slide from the CEO

Slide 11 – All your contact details

A brief thank you note, and an invitation to phone on, email, or text with all contact details provided. With that, you’ve completed your pitch deck.


A well structured Pitch Deck is a must-have weapon for your automated sales enablement armoury. Protecting and enhancing your brand with compelling content, moving smoothly, can move mountains – sustaining and growing ROI. Brochures are a natural extension, complementary to pitch decks. Include PD content to create vibrant brochures.

Bartley advisory and consultancy services are continually seeking state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to make their clients more successful. This two-part pitch deck article is an “open sesame” to numerous small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises alike. Don’t hesitate to contact the partners to learn more about taking a pitch deck approach to marketing and sales.

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