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Specialist SMSF Accountants Bartley Partners is an independent Adelaide accounting firm not affiliated with the major corporates or financial planners. We run a team of Specialist SMSF Accountants happy to work with you directly or the financial planner of your choosing to ensure that your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is tax effective and financially viable. As independent accountants and advisers, Bartley Partners does not sell products, nor take kickbacks or commissions,  incentives etc from financial planners, or put them on staff, to sell products to our clients.

Although SMSFs are probably the fastest-growing part of the accounting industry, Self Managed Super Funds are fraught with danger to the unsophisticated investor. The reality is that Self Managed Superannuation is a fantastic product for certain clients, giving them the ability to control and invest their retirement savings, whether that is in property, shares or other assets.

Bartley Partners boasts a team of specialist SMSF accountants who work with clients to ensure their Self Managed Superannuation Funds are sustainable, compliant and controlled.

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How a Self Managed Super Fund Works

The diagram above demonstrates how an SMSF can be a good way for a family (limited to four people) to pool their investments in certain circumstances.

Four brothers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all have varying amounts of superannuation, and decide to open up a SMSF for their future.

Matthew via his job as a stockbroker works on the share portfolio investment side of the fund, while the other three brothers as builders select the property assets of the fund.

Given they all have varying degrees of ownership in the fund, they all receive a rate of return based on the percentage of assets they own, so there can be no favouritism. Their qualified SMSF Accountants track the progress of the investments and give them their updated holdings each year.

By self-managing and pooling their talents, they have a diversified, secure and far cheaper alternative than standard commercial funds offer.

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