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Bartley Partners is one of Adelaide’s leading bookkeeping firms. We boast a team of experienced and accomplished professionals who add efficiency and value to your business.

When you’re running a small business, bookkeeping can easily take a backseat when you’ve got customers and employees whose needs are a bit more immediate. Bookkeeping is often the task that gets pushed back to after hours or weekends when you’d rather be doing something a bit more fun. And these are the times when mistakes are made.

Bookkeeping errors can be easy to make when you’re tired and unfocused – and what’s worse is that they can be very costly to your business. Can you really afford to owe the tax man even more?

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Bookkeeping Solutions

At Bartley Partners, we provide a full range of bookkeeping support for Adelaide businesses through our partnership with Integral Bookkeeping Solutions – giving you lower rates than our standard accounting fees.

Alternatively, if you already have a proficient bookkeeper, we are more than happy to work with them directly in order to provide a wider range of bookkeeping solutions.

Our bookkeeping services include day-to-day ongoing bookkeeping services that help your existing business carry on smoothly. But we can also help with your payroll and employee management and even quarterly and annual budget preparations to ensure profitability and tax savings.

We specialise in multiple bookkeeping Bookkeeping Software Packages
  • XERO: the gold standard in bookkeeping software with amazing add-on packages such as Workflow Max, Hubdoc, Syft and many more
  • Quickbooks Online: a cheaper alternative to Xero with some great features 
  • MYOB Essentials: A great alternative platform for small businesses 

We offer a personalised solution to your bookkeeping needs, every time. We look at your whole business before we get started so that you’re only paying for what you need. Get a tailor-made quote for your specific needs before we get started so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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Payroll & Employee Management 

We offer a range of services within payroll and employee management so that you can get a tailored service that meets your business needs. We ensure that our work covers the following so your employees’ interests are being taken care of. But it’s also important to get it right for the ATO and relevant authorities so you’re not slapped with a fine or up for an audit.

  • Single Touch Payroll
  • Correct calculation of leave entitlements
  • WorkCover 
  • Payroll Tax 
  • Superannuation
  • Allowances
  • Fringe Benefits Issues

Bartley Partners business accountants and advisers can ensure that your record keeping is efficient and accurate, and that your existing payroll systems are being managed properly and effectively.

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Budget Preparation for New & Established Businesses

Budgets are the sort of thing that many business owners put on the procrastination pile. Sometimes it feels like the only way to be able to plan a budget is to have a crystal ball. But, business budget preparation doesn’t have to be all that daunting when you have the assistance of an experienced team of accountants and advisers.

When you prepare a budget and set goals for your business, you have the opportunity to measure whether you and your team are meeting or exceeding your expectations. KPIs are an important tool to understand how your business is performing and which areas need further attention moving forward.

For established businesses, a budget will consider trends in sales and expenditure items and help identify aspects of the business to focus on, including growth in a particular sales area, or the reduction of spending in some departments.

If you’ve got a long-standing business with records of cash-flow and revenue it’s easy to plan for the future. But being a new business without historical data doesn’t mean that you’ll be flying blind.

At Bartley Partners, our experienced accounting team can offer insights into averages for expenditure lines and help you set initial budgets in order to get your business moving forward responsibly, without over-committing yourself.

We’ve worked with Adelaide businesses in a wide variety of industries and sectors using different styles of budgets and budget preparation. We know what works for businesses, their owners and employees and we have the experience to guide you through this process to help you achieve success.

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Timely reconciliations are of paramount importance to a business’ cash flow and profitability reporting. On time and thorough reconciliations identify situations where deposits may not have reached your bank accounts as expected, or if any payments have failed to process correctly.

Bank reconciliations also pick up transaction errors. Perhaps there was an incorrect posting from your financial institution or perhaps a data entry transposition of figures when making a payment by one of your staff.

Reconciling frequently and thoroughly helps ensure you can swiftly deal with any issues that might arise while the period’s transactions are fresh in your mind. Adjustments and corrections are much simpler then.

Timely ongoing reconciliations also ensure that BAS preparation is completed in a timely manner, plus you are better able to budget for necessary payments.

At the end of the year, it’s also quick and easy to close off your accounts for presentation to your accountant if all reconciliations are up-to-date.

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Interim Financial Reporting

We work with Adelaide businesses to undertake interim financial reporting, including producing easy to understand reports that make running your business so much easier and far more prosperous.

When hearing the term financial reporting, some people sigh and say, “It’s that time of the month again.” However, developing useful reports from your accounts does not have to be an arduous task and can offer you interesting insights into your business and its successes or challenges.

Regularly comparing consistent reports from one period to the next can identify trends:

  1. Trends of positive growth that can be swiftly grasped and expanded.
  2. Trends to identify problems before they become overwhelming, and initiate a response.

Knowledge is king. Financial reports are critical for successful cash flow management, and to ensure mandatory payment deadlines and reporting obligations are adhered to, saving your business money by avoiding penalties and fines. Having at your fingertips a set of easy to understand reports can make running your business so much easier and far more prosperous.

Bartley Partners’ experience can help you make informed decisions as your business progresses, working from solid information rather than risking decisions on assumptions.

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Record Keeping

We can handle all of your business’ record keeping, or provide assistance with coaching your internal staff to perform at a more optimum level.

Data Entry can be done at your place or ours. Your time is valuable and is better spent focusing on running your business. Our record keeping team does this type of work all day, every day, so for us, it’s second nature and we know the accurate way to allocate your records and the correct way to structure your accounts.

Once data entry is complete, we can manage your source documents. We file them to ensure a complete audit trail, plus make sure they are readily available if needed for internal reference purposes.

Accuracy and good structure is of course also important for any future possible investigations from the likes of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Workcover or other government bodies. These departments love to see businesses with a neat and tidy record keeping structure. It gives them confidence that your business is running smoothly, efficiently and accurately. Audits are often less intrusive if they view good record keeping practices.

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