Accounting and Audits for NFP

Bartley Partners provides a range of accounting and auditing services designed for not-for-profit organisations across Australia. We understand the unique needs and pressures that not-for-profit clients face on an ongoing basis, and can provide straightforward strategies that can be used to make your financial duties both easier and more robust.

Our auditing team can work with your treasurer and/or accountant to improve trust in your organisation’s financials and, being an independent party, Bartley Partners can do this by undertaking a transparent external audit process. Bartley Partners auditors also suggest strategies to improve your organisation’s processes and procedures.

We recognise that NFPs often have volunteers involved in preparing the organisation’s accounts, and that they appreciate a fresh set of eyes to confirm their processes and procedures.

Bartley Partners assists Australian not-for-profit organisations with items such as:

  • Ways to improve your organisation’s financial controls, including cash handling, board approvals and record keeping requirements
  • Full reviews of policies and procedures that assist our clients to identify areas to improve that will reduce future risks
  • How to assist your board to understand and comply with your legal requirements
  • How to interpret audit reports and the associated financials

Bartley Partners’ Adelaide based audit options are financially competitive, particularly in comparison to higher-cost centres such as Melbourne or Sydney.

Our auditors service clients across Australia either through travelling to their location or by use of new technology such as Skype video meetings and file sharing cloud services. These technologies enable us to complete audits anywhere around Australia.

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