Adelaide Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Audits

Bartley Partners’ primary dealings with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are negotiations on behalf of Adelaide businesses and clients dealing with ATO audits if they occur.

ATO audits require specialised business accounting expertise that many general accountants don’t possess. They often require high-level mediation and conflict resolution skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of the taxation and compliance system to ensure they do not end up becoming very costly legal disputes.

Some of the most common ATO audits we assist with include:

Cash Economy Audits

Cash Economy Audits are held when the ATO pursues clients accusing them of not declaring cash earnings. These audits can be quite in-depth and clients with inadequate procedures and systems can struggle. This can have a very disruptive effect on any business, but tradies are the most vulnerable to Cash Economy Audits.

At Bartley Partners we have the capacity to conduct confidential pre-audit procedures to see whether we believe you are at risk of a Cash Economy Audit.

Super Guarantee Audits

Super Guarantee Audits take place when businesses are pursued for underpayments of Superannuation on their employees’ wages, or for not paying overdue super to the ATO via the Super Guarantee Charge Statements.

There are a plethora of rules relating to how and when Super payments must be made, and with data matching the ATO has an enormous amount of information they can use to target Adelaide businesses in this area.

GST Audits and Reviews

GST Audits and Reviews are generally based around whether sufficient records exist (tax invoices and other source documents) to justify GST claims made on your Business Activity Statements (BAS).

In many cases, clients struggle if they have an inadequate record keeping system (like just dumping everything into a box) and cannot provide documents quickly and easily when requested.

Bartley Partners have been involved in numerous GST Audits and Reviews and are happy to help current and new clients with these matters.

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