Setting Up ReturnToWork SA Insurance in Adelaide

Bartley Partners works with a variety of different Adelaide businesses and organisations to ensure that they have sufficient ReturnToWork SA insurance arrangements in place and are paying the appropriate premiums.

What is ReturnToWork SA?

ReturnToWork SA is the compulsory South Australian workers’ insurance body (formerly known as WorkCover). If you employ staff (including directors), you are legally obliged to register for ReturnToWork SA and pay them an insurance premium calculated as a percentage of your total wage bill, including superannuation.

There are a number of important factors to consider when registering and completing your ReturnToWork SA documents. The category you are placed in will determine how much you have to pay. These categories have almost no logical order and can be quite confusing for many business owners.

Successful Case Study

We recently assisted a Adelaide cosmetic medical practitioner to move from the Beauty Services category of ReturnToWork SA automatically assigned to him, to Specialist Medical Services. This resulted in a net ReturnToWork SA premium saving of 3.5% off his annual wage bill, equating to $17,500 per annum cash in his pocket.

Adelaide ReturnToWork SA Advisory Service

Bartley Partners works with you to ensure that you are only paying what you need to pay to keep your workers insured and safe. We also help you to ensure that you have the appropriate procedures in place in case one of your staff is injured at work and that you understand the impact on your premium should something happen.

When we work with Adelaide businesses to set up a ReturnToWork SA structure, we ensure you are taking into account the implications of your decision. For instance, directors of small businesses receive money in many different forms whether via trust distributions, wages, fees, loans, dividends, etc., and depending how you structure your remuneration, you may or may not be up for ReturnToWork SA on your drawings.

Bartley Partners has helped hundreds of Adelaide businesses to ensure they have an action plan in place and understand the various financial consequences involved.

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