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Bartley Partners are Adelaide specialists in the creation of legal entities. There are numerous different legal entities from which you can choose and these affect the way you can trade, the type of license you can have, the way you pay tax, and associated asset protection benefits.

Some of the more common types of legal entities that we have worked with Adelaide businesses and individuals to create include:

However, there are hundreds of sub-classes of entities, such as:

  • blood class descendant trusts (perfect for situations where assets are designed to follow a particular bloodline)
  • discretionary partnerships

This is just a small cross-section of the many types of legal entities and sub-classes of entities that we can help you to create.

Bartley Partners works with Adelaide’s top tax lawyers to help you select the perfect model for your business and investment decisions. This is a considered and deliberate process of building a web of structures to ensure your assets are protected, your business is tax effective, and your investments are correctly directed during the estate planning phase.

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