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The Property Accountants

Bartley Partners boasts a team of experience property accountants who work with clients to correctly structure their property investments through providing high-level property advisory and accounting services. The advisory services we provide include structuring for Asset Protection & Tax Minimisation, GST and the Margin Scheme for property developers, helping clients understand the difference between a capital gain and a revenue gain as well as exploring the Land Tax consequences of structuring options and working with you to minimise the total annual land tax bill. 

Australians have always enjoyed a safe and stable property market, allowing property investors of all ages and financial backgrounds to confidently grow their wealth through residential or commercial property investments. Profits can be realised as either capital value growth or direct income streams, or a combination of both, depending on your preferred investment strategy.

However, structuring a property investment in the most effective way is crucial because of the way different structures affect your tax rate (from as low as 15% to as high as 49%, including levies).

property accountantsStructuring your Property Investments

There is no one perfect structure for a property investment portfolio. The option that is right for you depends on whether you are planning to:

  • perform your own development
  • subdivide existing property
  • invest via a longer term buy and hold strategy
  • focus on commercial investments

Our team will work with you to understand your long term goals to determine what structure will suit you best based on your personal circumstances.


Qualified Property Accountants

Our Managing Partner Christopher Overton has completed the Property Investment Professional of Australia Qualification as well as being a Chartered Tax Adviser giving the team the in depth knowledge of to help you set up your structures and minimise your tax burden. 

But, most importantly, we practice what we teach

Our partners and senior staff have actually completed subdivisions, own investment property portfolios, and got our hands dirty during renovations. When you pick a property accountant, the most important quality to look for is their passion for property, planning, budgeting, asset protection and tax minimisation.

Bartley Partners Accounting can assist you to set up secure and tax effective financial structures that will allow you to reach your investment and lifestyle goals faster.


Our fees for property advisory are $300+GST per hour with the time necessary to complete the advices varying depending on the complexity of the matter but generally 2-3 hours at a minimum. 

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