Online Communications for Accounting Consultations

The Bartley Partners team in Adelaide embraces online technologies — including full cloud accounting — to help us work more efficiently with our clients, regardless of their location.

By not always having to have accounting consultations in person, we save you both time on the road and money in accounting fees. This is especially important for our many rural clients.

We use online technology for brief meetings and/or file sharing, saving you travel time, while cloud accounting enables us to support your internal financial and administrative staff with just a few clicks of a button.

Zoom or Teams Video Meetings

These are a great way for us to talk face to face, but via video link. Zoom & Microsoft Teams are global platforms which are free to use, and enable us to talk directly via video chat or to share instant messages via text.

File Sharing

Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are popular file sharing platforms that enable Bartley Partners’ clients to share, send or receive bookkeeping data files/scanned source documents/reports etc., of all sizes.

Remote Access Assistance

Using support programs such as Microsoft Teams and Log Me In, Bartley Partners can access clients’ computers remotely (with your approval of course), so that we can assist you with data entry or to help with any problems you encounter that can’t be solved in the cloud! 

Our aim is to save you the need to pack your computer in your car to bring in to our office, or the cost of having us make the trip to you.

Give us a call on (08) 8338 1033 or fill in the form to discuss how we use online technologies to better work with our clients.

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