The Bartley Partners Story

Our emergence as a new-wave business accounting firm in the digital era is no accident

It’s the culmination of Commitment and Foresight from a Talented Team that made it happen

It all began when Paul Bartley leveraged his thirty years of experience as an owner-operator of mid-tier accounting firms in Adelaide to address emerging modern challenges. He invited young talent into the fold, against the tide of traditional accounting thinking, to add unimagined client benefit dimensions. He believed that when age trumped skills in dealing with clients, it diminished consultation standards, partner succession, and project continuity.

Teaming up with Christopher Overton heralded a new model by taking advantage of Chris’s accounting and legal experience as well as his successful bookkeeping venture, Integral Bookkeeping Solutions (IBS). The duo created the synergy and youthful energy needed to drive their joint vision to fruition. IBS currently operates in tandem with Bartley Partners, providing another channel of essential services.

We are proud to say that Bartley Partners contains a diverse talent pool. Small- to medium-size business clients are the primary beneficiaries, alongside or overlapping with many property investors.

We resonate with forward-looking small- and medium-sized businesses all over Australia

Access our deep resources, innovation, and ability to think outside of the box

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