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Thistle Meadery

As a start-up company, there were many things to consider. One downside to starting something new was not knowing what questions to ask, or how to get the answers I needed — and then knowing what to do.

The solution was to start with Bartley Partners.

We outlined to them what we were doing and they assisted us with everything to get a smooth start, and educated us in what we needed to look for in starting this new venture.

Bartley Partners helped make Thistle Meadery a reality, including assistance with:

  • Setup of Corporate Trust Structure
  • Contact with the lawyer that set up the alcohol license
  • WET Tax and advisory
  • Budgeting support, bookkeeping and accounting
  • Marketing ideas and support
  • Assistance with the label setup and requirements
  • Testing the product

We are confident in moving forward with this project, as we now know that all the foundations are set up correctly to see this business succeed as it should.

Thank you Paul and Chris!

Sue Allworden – Chief Mead Maker

Sue Allworden

Thistle Meadery is a producer of a range of boutique Handmade Meads, consisting of over ten flavours of this intoxicating irresistible alcoholic beverage.

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