The Commercial Hotel, Kaniva

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The Commercial Hotel, Kaniva

Christopher Overton and the Bartleys team first started
assisting me when I owned the Tollgate Motel, just up the road from their office.

Currently, I run the Commercial Hotel Kaniva, which is a large hotel on the main road from Melbourne to Adelaide, comprising two main bar areas, drive through liquor shop, upstairs accommodation, and a full restaurant — the best between the capitals.

Bartley Partners has worked with me on:

  • The paperwork/finance side of the purchase of the new hotel
  • General payroll, bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Cash flow projections and budgeting for the hotel
  • Succession planning concerns

The majority of the work is completed online, the remainder of the files I either post or drop down to Bartley Partners if I am coming down to Adelaide.

On occasion when I have needed something done from here, they have come up and worked with me in the hotel.

I have recommended Christopher to my family and my friends and have no hesitation in doing so again.

Eustratious Makris – CEO

Eustratious Makris

Vanasee Pty Ltd trading as Commercial Hotel Kaniva

Vanasee is a multi-faceted company trading in multiple industries
across South Australia and Victoria.

The Commercial Hotel Kaniva is the landmark hotel on the Adelaide to Melbourne road, with a top quality restaurant service to complement its large selection of local and international beverages.

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