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In 2007 my business found itself in need of bookkeeping and accounting support rather urgently.

I was concerned about having to get someone who didn’t know anything about my business to do the books, because as an importer there are extra issues over and above normal wholesale and retail accounting.

I looked online and contacted Christopher Overton, the business principal. Soon after that first contact, Christopher called in to see me and had a look at my business and then outlined his proposal on how we could proceed.

A lot of my bookwork was taken care of remotely via the Internet so as to cause the least amount of disruption to my daily operations.

Suddenly I found:

  • my BAS being completed in a timely manner
  • I had an up-to-date view on where the business was heading

Further to the processing side of things, Christopher has been able to offer advice using his considerable experience to me in other business matters, and even accompanied me as my advisor on a business trip to China last year.

All accounting work is now completed by the same team, saving me having to deal with a bookkeeping service and an accountant separately, making it a more cost effective one-stop shop.

The advice and assistance Christopher has offered me over 10+ years has been invaluable and I would like to endorse both his business, and Christopher personally, as the organisation which can get things done.

Al Clark – Managing Director

Al Clark

Sound Choice Distributors Pty Ltd is an international electronics importer designing hardware features and selling in multiple countries.

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