Rotary Club of Adelaide West Incorporated

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Rotary Club of Adelaide West Incorporated

Chris Overton from Bartley Partners has been actively involved with our Club, including an intensive stretch as the Club’s Treasurer until 30 June 2013. Recently, Bartley’s independent auditing team took on our Club’s annual audit following our incumbent provider retiring from the industry.

As is so often the case for Not-for-Profit organisations, our deadline was tight for the audit to be performed, but Bartley’s rose to the challenge.

Beyond our need to ensure total financial transparency to our own members, our Club also needs to ensure that our umbrella Rotary District organisation is confident with the performance of our Club, as well as the South Australian Government Department administering our licence to tele-fundraise in South Australia.

Our accounts were accepted by all of these bodies without question. Our thanks to the Bartley Partners team.

Bill Marles (Club President 2013 to 2015)

Rotary Adelaide West

Rotary Adelaide West Club is one of about 100 clubs in the South Australia region.

Members of this Not-for-Profit dedicate their passion and time to putting something back into our community.

  • It’s fun. It’s social.
  • It’s men and women 18+ years.
  • It’s business networking.
  • It’s volunteering.
  • It’s personal and professional development.

Rotary is rewarding

Business people are a strong force in Rotary, with a wide ranging network of industries represented within its membership.

Chris Overton from Bartley Partners is also a member of Adelaide West Rotary Club.

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