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Real Estate Trust Account Audits are a requirement throughout Australia to ensure funds are being managed appropriately. Bartley Partners with its partner firms provides ongoing support to numerous real estate firms from sole practitioners through to larger corporates. It is one of a suite of services we offer the Real Estate Industry including growth strategies, marketing advisory, tax planning, employee management and exit planning. Generally the audit services are always tied into a larger engagement with the real estate agency. 

The majority of audits we complete are paperless! With a paperless audit, we will send you an invite to a secure online cloud folder which will be accessible by you and your auditor. This will contain instructions on the source documents required and the format for these documents. Throughout the audit process, our accountants and auditors are always available in person, either by phone or via email. Outside of audit time, our experienced and professional staff are available to provide additional accounting or advisory services to ensure that the audit of your trust accounts is handled smoothly and without a last-minute rush.

On-site real estate audits

Our audit partners also travel throughout Australia assisting real estate agents to complete their annual audits and, being based in Adelaide, Bartley Partners can provide a real estate agent audit at very competitive rates, particularly when compared to higher cost centres such as Melbourne or Sydney.

Bartley Partners work directly with our clients to ensure that all audits are timely, transparent and educational.

 Costs of Real Estate Trust Account Audits 

The cost of your real estate audit is dependent on:

  • How clean your books are is the most important factor in determining how long a job will take and thus how much it will cost.
  • After a few bad experiences we have started to remind new clients up front that if you cannot easily extract reports for us showing whose money is whose in your trust account at any one time then we won’t be able to either! We had one agent complain that she spent days trying to figure out whose money she had at the end of the month… as if the fact she couldn’t figure out something that fundamental to a trust account without days of effort was the auditor’s fault. Needless to say, she failed her audit.
  • How many transactions have you put through your trust account? During an audit we need to audit a material number of transactions. That means the more transactions that you have put through a trust account the more it will cost us in time to go through and provide a comprehensive audit.
  • Our fees start from $800+GST with the average being a couple of grand. 
  • We also provide ongoing discounts for clients with large volumes of work.

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