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My business is a UK registered privately owned company. I visited Adelaide, Australia back in July 2012 with the sole purpose of setting up an Australian subsidiary company.

Having very limited time in Adelaide, I approached Bartley Partners with this challenge and have found their services outstanding.

They are assisting iSeeU not only in the formation of our Australian company, but providing advice and ongoing services covering the following areas:

  • An Australian Company Secretary service
  • General bookkeeping, accountancy and payroll services
  • All matters relating to Australian business tax, including R&D tax offset advice
  • Employment contracts and payroll services

Bartley Partners have an extensive network of associates able to assist in matters relating to employee handbook drafting, recruitment, and business insurance.

Managing a subsidiary business on the other side of the globe (as I am based in the UK) relies on having an ethical and trustworthy partner. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Bartley Partners team who have exceeded our expectations and continue to provide an efficient and professional service to our business in Adelaide, Australia.

Thank you

Jason Brickell – CEO

Jason Brickell
Jason Brickell

iSeeU Global is a software solutions company offering an Agile Software toolkit to make data acquisition (mobile, web, m2m), business process automation (workflow & communications), service management & reporting simple.

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