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GTS was formed in January 2011 by three partners, each with strong IT skills but only a working understanding of accounting and finance. Relying heavily on third party advice, we only gradually became aware of the serious flaws in our financial structure and operation.

Bartley Partners were indispensable in recognising the issues, restructuring our business and correcting the damage done. Bartley’s gave us a clear direction and provided an outstanding level of service in managing change throughout the process.

Beyond the restructure exercise, GTS has committed to a long term partnership with Bartley Partners to provide:

  • Administrative services
  • Financial governance
  • Accountancy and payroll services
  • Human resource management

Having the expertise of the Bartley Partners team behind us brings the peace of mind that administrative and financial matters are well managed and allows us to focus on those things we know best.

I have no doubt that GTS is in better shape today as a direct result of Bartley Partners support and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship in the years to come.

Thank you,

Andrew Todd – CEO

Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd

GTS is a PI solution specialist but they are an experienced and versatile IT services partner in the broader scope of IT systems.

GTS offer services including:

  • analysis
  • system design
  • system development or customisation
  • documentation
  • project management
  • consulting
  • 24×7 support

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